Why Vote for Me?

I  have been a public servant for most of my life. . .as an appointed executive.

My past positive track record indicates I will be an effective legislator.

My values are:

  1. Evaluate issues, based on facts;
  2. Seek fairness for all parties;
  3. Seek the greatest good for the greatest number of people;
  4. Government should be effective, efficient, and equitable with its programs.

Please consider my values, my platform,  my experience, and . . . yes, vote for me.

.  .  .

In 1979, I came to work for the Public Works Department for the City of Wilmington. Working  for the City for 13 years,  7 as Director of Public Utilities, I know first hand the tremendous environmental, transportation, and growth challenges which continue to face the City.

As Lenoir County’s Manager (1999-2005)  sandwiched between serving two terms as  Pender County’s Manager (1993-1999 & 2005-2007),  I know how to balance, implement, and lead multi-million dollar operations. Seems like only yesterday, when we:

  1. Passed bond referendums to save money and build schools;
  2. Started county-wide water systems;
  3. Recruited enterprises for jobs’ creation; and
  4. Implemented county-wide EMS services.

From 2008-2013, I served in Iraq and Afghanistan as a U.S. State Department Senior Governance Advisor. I was honored and blessed  to serve on District Stabilization Teams  with US military forces. Our objective was non-lethal capacity building of local governments. I have since provided civil-military training to soldiers deploying overseas.

I have used  my education–a BA degree in Government from the University of Notre Dame and a Masters in Public Administration from Syracuse University–in the public’s service.

Since 2013,  I have has worked as a contractor, most recently as Interim City Manager of Southport. I am currently under contract with N-Focus Planning, Inc., a firm providing local government management services, and Elevate USA, Inc., a firm providing instructional-training services.

Born in Brooklyn, and raised on Long Island, NY,  I  dug clams on the Great South Bay to pay for my college education. Having raised a family and made a career in Southeastern North Carolina for almost forty years, I consider myself more a Tar Heel than a Yankee. I  had no choice where I was born or grew up.

I have  never before run for public office, never been bankrupt, nor have any ties to Russia.  I am  definitely not a genius, but I am mentally stable.

I   want to serve the citizens of House District 20 by legislating for progressive improvements.

Your vote will help me to help you.