Why I Am Running:

At 65, I’ll be doing more walking than running.

Seriously, I know I can still make a positive contribution toward serving the folks in House District 20 and of course, the State of North Carolina.

As your dedicated public servant, these are the issues I would legislate:

  1. Creation of a public, taxpayers’ bank, saving hundreds of millions of dollars;
  2. Repeal of the labor sales tax on repair, installation, and maintenance individuals;
  3. Focus on strategies to reduce opioid use in Wilmington;
  4. Stronger environmental regulations to prevent pollution, eg. GenX;
  5. Recruitment of movie projects back to our southeast region;
  6. Against any off-shore drilling;
  7. For beach renourishment projects to protect our coasts;
  8. Improve our current rankings in teacher pay (35th) and per pupil spending (43rd);
  9. Support for our region’s North Carolina State Ports and beneficial transportation projects; and
  10. Listen, listen, listen to you the voters and keep you informed of what’s being deliberated in Raleigh.

After two years, I will show you my track record—promises vs. results. You be the judge and jury then on whether I should run again. Or, more likely, walk. . .